Juicing to Lose Weight

Juicing to Lose Weight

Juicing to Lose Weight – Here is what your should know.

Many celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Salma Hayek, and Gwyneth Paltrow have reported opted for juicing to lose weight. This has tempted many people to join them. After all, drinking green juices three times a day has helped thousands of people who want to lose weight. However, juicing to lose weight can leave you nutritionally deficient and hungry. You should use juice wisely and make it a useful weight-loss ally.

Juicing to Lose Weight

Benefits of Juicing

Selecting the right juices for weight loss is not easy. Drinking jugs of fruit punch or orange juice that you pick out at a local grocery store will not help you lose weight. Juicing to lose weight will require the use of home mixture to press several pounds of fresh vegetables and fruits to create a mix that is rich in minerals, vitamins, and phytonutrients. If you don’t have time to make fresh juice at home, you could get the premium priced cold-press juices. These juices don’t contain saturated fats, preservatives, sodium, and added sugar. Juices made using green vegetables like celery, cucumber, and kale are even more beneficial as they are low in calories.

Avoid Extremes

Even though homemade juices offer several benefits, consuming these juices exclusively to lose weight can have negative consequences. Juices lack some essential nutrients like healthy fats and proteins. Protein is essential to maintain muscle mass, while both fat and protein help in giving a sense of fullness after meals. Also, the pulp that is left over in the trash compartment of the juicer is the fiber required by body to prevent constipation and bloating. Some juice-only diets have low calorie content which can affect your metabolism and can lead to fatigue, dizziness, irritation, and headaches. Sticking to juice only diet for a few days, will result in loss of muscle and water, and not fat.

Juicing in Moderation

Juicing to lose weight does not require you to follow juice-only diet. Many health experts are of the view that replacing a snack or meal with a glass of healthful green juice can help you lose weight. At other meals, you should keep a check on the portion size and eat whole foods like whole grains, lean proteins, and fresh fruits and vegetables. When you eat whole food, you get a feeling of fullness and don’t feel as if you have starved to lose weight.

Controlling Calorie Intake

If you opt for juicing to lose weight, you must understand that calories from fruit juices can actually increase your weight. Also, sugars in fruits can also increase your insulin level, which can lead to energy swings and prevent weight loss. If you choose a plan that is low in calories, you won’t have enough energy to do exercises and daily chores that is essential to burn calories. Opting for a low calorie diet will not help if you don’t have enough energy to do your daily chores, which is essential to burn fat. This can lead to a huge calorie deficit which can slow down weight loss. Furthermore, if you stop your daily exercise routine, it will become difficult to add it back one you return to normal diet. This can result in sudden return of weight you have lost. So stick to program that reduces calorie intake without affecting your exercise routine.

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How to Perform a Juice Cleanse

How to Perform a Juice Cleanse

Performing a 3-day Juice Cleanse is a fasting method where you will be required to consume only fruit and vegetable juices so as to obtain nutrients. The juice consumed during this period of time is not a commercially prepared juice but is one that is produced from fresh fruits and vegetables. The following is a guide on how to perform the 3-day juice cleanse.


During this 3-day fasting period, no commercial food should be consumed. This is because eating the foods containing chemicals might slow down the juice cleansing process. If you need to eat, you ought to choose any type of organic vegetables, fruits, or soaked seeds and nuts. You can as well try using the Urban Remedy Diet replacement smoothies or the Nosh snacks, which are gluten-free, raw and nutritious.


During this three-day fasting period, you ought to limit yourself to light exercises only. These are exercises like walks, stretching and yoga. This is because, when you are on this fasting method, your energy levels will change. You therefore ought to pay keen attention to the type of exercises that suits your body.


It is always advisable to involve yourself in contemplative activities like writing essays, meditation, nature walks and listening to soft music during this period of fasting. You should avoid places with very loud noise/music and places that have plenty of activities. This is because you might be too sensitive during the period and any slight disturbance may result to different health complications.


Now that you have opted to take this type of fasting method, you are required to set an attitude. Have an optimistic attitude so that you can finish the three fasting days successfully. The following questions should be your driving force; do I really need positive outcomes from this fasting method? What are the positive effects of this method? Write down your answers to these questions and they will help you to have a positive attitude throughout the entire period.

Possible side effects

Many people fear this fasting method saying that it may have plenty of adverse side effects ton their health. However, this is usually not the case. If you are a faster, you only ought to maintain your intake of nutrients and vitamins during the fasting period. With this, there will be no side effects associated. If you do not do what is required, you will have sodium deficiency since most vegetables and fruits lack sodium. As a result of this, you may end up having short-term headaches, body weaknesses and nausea.

Juice Cleanse

In conclusion, performing a juice cleanse will help you to release the natural healing power of your body by eliminating the built-up toxins. Juicing as well floods your immune system with powerful antioxidants and nutrients. This in turn helps you to remain healthy for a long period of time. Take this as the first step towards a long-lasting lifestyle transformation. If you want to cut down the excess fats that you have, juicing should as well be an option for you.

Green Juice Recipes

Green Juice Recipes

Green juice recipes consist of several fresh green vegetables. Taking green juices every day can make some great changes to your life since the juice offers many health benefits such as increased energy, anti-inflammation, and a natural boost in immunity. However, this juice is better to drink while on a juicing diet because the leafy green vegetables are helpful for weight management since they are low in calories and also contains essential nutrients like folic acid, dietary fiber, vitamin c, magnesium and potassium along with phytochemicals like zeaxanthin, beta-carotene and lutein that help in protecting cells from free radical damage.

Green Juices

In addition, this juice is a great alternative that yields to a high nutrient and promoting health in your body without having all the calories. Therefore, if you are interested in incorporating juices in your diet, then prepare green juice recipes since they have health benefits in your body and are very easy to make. Many people do not know how they can prepare green juices, but if you are such kind of person, then this article will exclusively explore on some several green juice recipes that you can follow when preparing green juice recipes.

Advantages of Green Juices

There are several advantages that you may experience if you drink green juices every day. However, you must make sure that you have green juice recipes every day so as to have all the required nutrients in your body. Some of these advantages include the following:

  1. Your digestive system is given time to rest since there is less energy required to act on the juice
  2. Red blood cells are built and replenished because the chlorophyll in leafy green vegetables can be converted easily to hemoglobin which increases the quantity and quality of your red blood cells
  3. It prevents cancer in your body since green vegetables are loaded with antioxidants that prevents damage of the cell
  4. Your immunity will be stronger if you drink green juices every day because your body will be supplied large amounts of important minerals, nutrients and vitamins that boosts the immune system
  5. Taking green juices can make you lose that extra weight very easily and naturally

Healthy Juicing Recipes

Green Juice Recipes

However, if you would like to get started enjoying the advantages of green juice, then make sure you use the following green juice recipes.

The Akalyzer Recipe

This juice is very easy to make and it is a great juicing recipe that you should start with since it tastes great.

Ingredients needed

Four stalks of celery

Four carrots

Two apples

A small number handfuls of spinach


Make sure you wash everything before chopping the apples. Juice everything together after you have chopped the ends of the carrots. Pour into a glass after you have mixed up thoroughly and enjoy your drink.

The Green Machine Recipe

Notably, this juice is most leafy vegetables and it works best with juicers that are single and twin gear.

Ingredients needed

Two handfuls of kale

Two handfuls of spinach

Four handfuls of romaine lettuce

Two handfuls of watercress

Two apples


After you have washed everything, chop the apples into quarters. Juice the kale, spinach, romaine lettuce and watercress first and finish with your two apples. After mixing, you can pour it into a glass and drink. You can add another apple if you would like it to be sweeter.

Soothing Morning Juice recipe

This juice is perfect if you are beginning to juice and you do not like bitter greens. Also, this juice is perfect for children.

Ingredients needed

One large peeled lemon

Two cucumbers

Two granny smith apples

Two teaspoons of raw honey or half nub of fresh ginger


Through a juicer, run fruit and vegetables. Add raw honey and stir well. Raw honey can be difficult to dissolve due to its thickness, but you can make it a little warm so that it can dissolve easily. If you are using ginger, make sure you run it through the juicer in between the vegetables.

Lean Green Smoothie Recipe

This juice tastes great and it is good for you since it is loaded with fresh vegetables.

Ingredients needed

One peeled and chopped cucumber

Half of a pineapple that is peeled, cored and chopped

One ripe pear that is peeled, cored and chopped

One cup baby spinach leaves

Juice from one lime

Ten chopped mint leaves

One teaspoon of chia seeds

One teaspoon of agave nectar

Crushed ice


In a blender, purée ingredients until they become smooth. Pouring into a glass, garnish with a cucumber spear and enjoy your drink.

Therefore, if you follow the green juice recipes discussed above, then you will have a healthy life that is free from diseases. However, make sure you have different green juice recipes in every day in order to meet the required nutrients in your body.


Juicing Report – Green Juices

Juicing Report – Green Juices

Chapter 1

Congratulations on taking the first steps to get to a much healthier lifestyle. Green juices are a great source of vitamins, nutrition and craving cutting goodness! Once you start doing the method outlined in side this book you will find yourself with more energy, healthier skin, a large amount of confidence and the need to snack nearly removed from your lifestyle completely.

That is just want drinking green juices is all about! Honestly, so few people understand the true power of greens and many people dislike drinking them because of their odd look. While they may look odd being juiced the flavor and benefits are much better than anyone can image.

Instead of having to take that huge multivitamin each and every day, you can complete the 7 day detox method outlined in this book and get those same benefits for the whole month. It’s really just that simple and it taste so much better!

Greens juices provide you with a way to get all the needed vitamins you should be eating daily without the stress of having to cook them. Green vegetables contain calcium, iron, magnesium, vitamins A,C, K and a ton of B vitamins as well. You can get a lot more energy from a 6 oz glass of green juice then you can from a 16 oz mug of coffee. The best part is that green juices cut craving and give you a full feeling faster and longer than any other item. Instead of taking craving fitting pills you can drink some green juice and get all the nutrition you need as well as remove the need to snack.

Once you start ( The many benefits of green juice detoxing):

Once you start drinking green juices offer you will learn that you don’t really taste the greens in the juice when they are combined with a nice amount of sweet and healthy fruits. This is because most greens are tasteless. Of course Kale has a very strong taste, after time you won’t notice it. Spinach may have a strong taste when cooked but when it’s added to fruits like oranges , peaches and even apples you won’t even taste the Spinach!

Once you start drinking green juices you will feel a nice steady amount of energy that will last all day long this is because of the B vitamins within the greens, you will notice a bust in your energy that is long lasting. Many times people drink coffee or energy drinks to wake themselves up. The truth is that surge from a coffee or energy drink is very short lived. Instead of it lasting for only an hour or so, you will discover that green juices provide an all day energy level that you can’t normally find in traditional drinks or even pills.

Once you start drinking green juices you will learn a unique way to manage your health, start a diet and completely clean your body of gross toxins. This detoxing method can be used to start a diet because it remove the toxins that might be living in your body currently. You will notice you are no longer constipated and have no problem going to the bathroom each and every night during the time you are doing the seven day green juice diet.

Once you start drinking green juices you will be able to know just when your body needs to be detox and how to do it with out headaches or issues. It can become a natural monthly thing for you to do keep your body healthy and your weight under control.

Juice Fasting

Chapter 2:
The Problems You Might Discover.

Of course with everything good there are always some bad things that come with them. While green juices provide more positive things then negative ones it’s important for you to know right away what the negatives might be and how to cope with those negatives before you even start your seven day detox method.

The first problem is that it does cost to do a detox. The issue is that you must be willing to buy the ingredients in order to even begin. You also need to be able to buy a juicer that is long lasting and can provide you with the features you need. Of course the cost of ingredients depends on you and how you shop but it can get expensive. You should budget for an extra $20 to $45 for your seven day detox because of the things you will need.

The solution to this problem is to budget before you even start your diet. You can easily set aside a few dollars from your check a few weeks before you plan on doing your seven day detox. There is no reason to feel like you have to do this method today when you can take your time and budget for the extra expensive.

The same applies for getting a juicer. You can budget for one that is great or you can go for an affordable model and upgrade at a later time. Normally you can spend anywhere from $20 to $200 on a juicer. The investment is worth it because more expensive juicers last for years while cheaper ones might need to be replaced after a few months of steady juicing. It’s not recommended to use a blender when it comes to the detox method. You want to juice the ingredients to get the most nutrients out of them instead of just blending them into mush.

The second problem is you do need to find time to actually juice for your diet. This can be determined by your daily schedule or by other things. You need to keep the time you drink your green juice the same throughout the whole seven day detox. You’re body needs to get use to the drinking of the juice so that you have no issues digesting it.

The solution to this problem is to make a plan before you even start. Writing down your plan in your planner or having a reminder set up on your phone can remove the stress of forgetting to prepare and drink your juice. You can also get help from others by sharing the seven day detox method as a group. Things are easier to do while in a group and it makes juicing and detoxing even more fun as well.

The third problem is that dieting of any kind is hard and so is detoxing. It takes times and patience to get started and to last for the whole seven days. You can become bored with the whole task or you can easily get busy and not find the time to actually do the diet. You could also start putting farther from your plans as you get busier.

The solution to this problem is to take action right away instead of waiting for the right time to come. While money and cost may be a factor it shouldn’t stop you from getting started slowly and finding the best green juice recipe and researching juicing machines before you even start your detox diet.

Yes dieting is hard and yes detoxing is hard but the positives that come from detoxing outweigh the difficult parts of it. Instead of just siting there waiting for something to happen, you need to get started and not let negative thoughts take over the positive outcome.

How And Why This Method Works
The seven day detoxing method has actually been around for years. It’s a common thing that movie stars in Hollywood do before an event or to keep their weight in check. However, the method within this book is an upgrade and is being used to expand on an old fashion method and make it easier for people of all ages, men and woman and even children to take a part in detoxing with green juices.

This method works because it’s easy to get started. Once you have your juicer and the ingredients you can get started. It takes determination to finish the detox completely and it can be a challenge for the first few days but after that it’s easy to start and it’s easy to finish.

This method works because naturally people don’t normally eat a lot of green vegetables. Mostly because they look gross, they don’t take on flavors easily and do take along time to cook. Children don’t like the taste of green vegetables as well. When you remove the bad flavor of something but still have the great benefits of it, children and adults are more likely to want to drink more of it and thus get the benefits the greens give them.

This method is made for short term dieting. This means you don’t have to be in a strict diet for the next three or four months. Instead you can do this method once a month and get the benefits of a full diet without the large amount of stress and the high cost of dieting.

This method is much cheaper than traditional dieting. Consider a normal diet can cost $200 to $500 a month because of pills , diet specific food and gym memberships. A juicing diet like this one requires one week of change and nothing more. Once you’ve gotten your juicer your cost is limited only to the ingredients that you will be using. While you can take diets pills, eat diet specific food and join a gym when you are using this method it’s really isn’t needed. Simply adding some walking or a form of exercise and removing or limiting the amount of carbs you eat will be enough.

This method promotes a healthy lifestyle. Once you get use to drinking green juices and you see the amount of energy you get from them, you can easily add them to your diet as you need them. Remember, you should not drink a green juice each and every day of the month. This is because your body simply can’t take too much fiber and it can cause issues in your natural system.

This method allows you to bring anyone into the detox with you. It’s not something that requires a lot of planning other than deciding the recipes and the day you will start. You don’t have to stress of it if your family doesn’t want to be apart of your detox as well. Children can benefit from this method and so can men and woman with high metabolisms.

This method works because it’s easy, simple and requires short term work that can benefit the dieter weeks after.

The History of Green Juices and Green Juice Detoxing
There is a lot of history out there about juicing and it’s important to know everything you can about the art of juicing and the history that comes form using juices to detox. So below you will find a nice time line of juicing and how it come to be in the first place. This information was found on http://members.optushome.com.au/juicers/juice_history.htm.

Using something akin to an apothecary grinder and crude linen, the first juicer had been invented. Since then, herbal remedies have been ground up and applied both externally and internally for health benefits. The Koreans have also used green juice in ceremonial practice for more than two thousand years. However it was not until early this century that the importance of juicing and the technology to provide a way to readily extract a worthy juice become a reality.

1930’s – The Norwalk Juicer, the worlds’ first living juicer was invented by Dr Norman Walker. For more than seventy years Dr Walker studied living foods and developed a philosophy whereby the best way to nutritional health was with a diet of predominately raw food and juices which he termed Living Food. The Norwalk, which is still sold today, firstly grates and cuts the produce with the resulting mass then put into a linen bag and placed under a hydraulic press. Dr Walker lived to 118 years of age.

1954 – Champion Juicer, the worlds’ first masticating juicer, was invented. The Champion juices almost every type of vegetable, even leafy ones. The juice from the Champion can be stored for a couple of hours in the refrigerator. The juicer is designed and operates as a masticating juicer but it works at 4,000 rpm. Siegfried Gursche, author of “Healing with Herbal Juices,” describes as a ‘tragedy’ the extremely high speed of the juicer which causes lots of friction which heats and sometimes even steams the juice. Some nutrients, especially all live enzymes, are destroyed by heat.

1993 – The Greenpower juicer was invented, the worlds’ first twin gear juice extractor. The inventor was Korean Mr Kim whose goal was to provide a living juicer to the world. The twin gear extraction process was based on the mortar and pestle idea of pressing out the maximum goodness from fruit and vegetables without losing nutrients or enzymes due to high speed blades or centrifugal action. With the Greenpower machine, Mr Kim was the Grand Prize winner of the 9th International Invention/ New Products Exposition in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in May 1993 and numerous other international invention awards.

1995 – Original Green power gold released

1997 – Greenlife now called Greenstar model released

1998 – Green Power Kempo released for the Korean market, now being sold internationally as the Samson Ultra.

2002 – Hippocrates by Green Power is released and available internationally. This is the first living food processor specifically designed to facilitate a raw food lifestyle. Received full endorsement from the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida.
Common Green Juicing Myths
Like problems, myths seem to always sneak up on us when we are about to try something new and are getting exciting about trying that new thing. While some myths may just sound silly, they can cause fear into someone brand new to green juicing. So before we get to the method we are going to talk about the many myths you’ve heard about green juicing.

The main myth is the green juicing doesn’t work to lose weight or to detox a body. The truth is greens are the earths most nutritious plant and that eating greens is the best way to lose weight but drinking them is normally ten times better.

Still, people still claim green juice detoxing doesn’t work. This might be for personal reasons that the person thinks this. Many times people expect some kind of miracle to happen the moment they take their first sip of a green juice. This isn’t going to happen. While this isn’t a traditional diet, it still takes time to see the benefits. Normally you will notice a change in your digestion in one day but for some it can take two to three days to see a change.

The second myth is that the juice will taste gross. This isn’t true because normally once you’ve juiced the green they are nothing but vitamins. They may have a very light flavor but nothing more. Many green juice recipes contain fruits that make the green juice taste sweet or even spicy. There are a wide number of green juices that have amazing flavors and still provide you with a great nutritious drink.

Still, if you think that your juice will taste gross before drinking it, place it into a colored bottle and let it chill in the fridge for up to 5 minutes. This means that when you drink it, you will only taste the fruits you added and you won’t see the green color. Many times it’s the green color that makes people assume it will taste gross when the color is nothing but the vitamins.

The third myth is that green juices smell bad. This is a very funny myth and people have used it to make up a reason to not drink a great tasting green juice. The truth is, there are few green juice recipes that have a scent to them at all. If they do have a scent it’s most likely the ginger, lemon or orange they are smelling. Some people say that kale has a strong scent to match it’s strong flavor.

Still, if you think that your green juice smells this could be because it’s gone bad or because you are just over thinking it. You can remove the odd scent by adding lemon to the juice or by drinking it in a bottle that has a cover over it with a straw. This will remove the scent and still allow you to drink the juice.

Chapter 3

The Method Introduction
Are you ready to change you health? Are you ready to finally have the energy level you want and need without the need to drink cup after cup of coffee with the hope of it working? Well your wait is over! But before we get to the step by step method here are some tips that can help you get the most out of this seven day detox method.
Tip 1 – Keep a positive mind set every time you make your juice, drink your juice and write in your journal about your juicing. It’s very important to think of the end result while in the process of the method.
Tip 2 – Lower the amount of carbs you eat. Some detoxing diets advise you to remove carbs from your diet completely but you don’t have to with this detox diet. Instead cut your carbs in half and eat everything like normally.
Tip 3 – Don’t eat sweets or salty items. This can ruin this detoxing completely. Instead of eating a piece of cake from the office party, eat some yogurt instead. This will give you a sweet flavor without the high amount of sugar. The same goes for chips and other salty things. Keep your options open while detoxing.
Tip 4 – Drink lots of water and limit the soda. Soda contains a lot of sugar even diet sodas are not good during this detox. You are working to remove the toxins from things like soda so adding more to your diet would not be smart.
Tip 5 – Get active. You don’t have to change your whole life in order to get active while detoxing your body. By taking the stairs to work instead of the elevator while on this detoxing diet will promote the healthy lifestyle even more. You will have the energy to do it as well!
Tip 6 – Plan a way to celebrate after you’ve completed the detoxing diet. This reward should not be food it should be something fun and something that you are looking forward to getting. It could be a new dress in a smaller size or it could be going to the movies and spending the day there. Anything but food.

Step by Step
1. Grab a journal to keep track of everything you are doing for your diet.- This is one of the most important steps within this method. It’s not all about doing a method but making sure to keep track of every thing you do while doing that method. Instead of just having to remember everything it’s much better to write those things down. Make sure you journal is pocket sized. You can also take a modern approach and write your journal online instead and either keep it private or publish it for everyone to see.
2. Pick a reward for your hard work that comes from the method after the end. Do not pick a food as your reward. Instead pick something active or something worth wild. Some woman like to reward themselves with a new dress or a pair of new shoes while a man might prefer to go to a sport game or to take a road trip to celebrate. Pick a great reward that you can look forward to.
3. In your journal write down your reward at the end of completion of this seven day plan.- The first page of your journal needs to say what your reward for the completion of this seven day detoxing method. This should be big and the center of attention once you open your journal. Some people prefer to place this on every page as a everlasting reminder and some like to place it big on the cover. Make sure to make it the center of attention.
4. Pick your recipes 2 to 3 is more than enough and affordable.- The great thing about green juicing is that it’s easy to blend the flavors with greens without even noticing them. Your body will notice but your taste buds will just taste the main things. Make sure to note your recipes in your journal. This will help keep track of them and make it easy to go back to them at a later time. Be sure to make notes of what you do and don’t like about the recipe as well.
5. Buy a great juicer if you don’t have one and buy your ingredients- It’s important to have a long lasting juicer when it comes to planing for a green detoxing. Honestly, some juicers can’t even juice greens so reading reviews and product information is very important. Make sure to also buy all the ingredients you need to make your goodies before you ever start juicing. It’s perfectly okay to freeze more veggies and fruits but remember they MUST be thawed before juicing
6. Plan your juice drinking time breakfast or lunch, not dinner. There are many detoxing plans that say to drink your juice in the morning and at night. This depends on the recipes but generally this isn’t a good idea. The main reason, no one wants to wake up and have to go to the bathroom at the middle of the night or early in the morning. Normally it can take as little as 30 minutes for the green juice to work and as much as 6 hours. If you feel you can handle night time detoxing then try it once but only once.
7. Prep your ingredients by chopping and placing them into serving sized bags the day before juicing – This will save you the most time and many people forget that chopping and prepping it thus is the most dull task in the world of cooking. Even restaurants prep before they open. It’s important to determine the serving size of your juice and make the prep for them. Freeze the goodies in a air tight bag and take them out 2 to 3 hours before you plan on juicing them.
8. Drink your juice 30 minutes before eating a meal- This will provide you with a nice filling feeling and promote smaller serving sizes as well.
9. Cut your meal in half and eat little to no carbs within each meal. – High amounts of carbs are not recommended within this method because they promote a full feeling but aren’t as healthy, limit your carbs to one serving a day or opp for whole grain cards instead. Avoid, sweets and also coffee while you are on this seven day detox. You want your body to start fresh and these two things don’t help so avoid them or take small small portions of them ever so often.
10. Get fit and stay active. Normally after drinking your juice and eating a meal you will notice a bust in your energy level. It’s important to take advantage of this nice bust and get active. If you are a stay at home mom, after drinking and eating, clean and dance or if you are an executive take a quick walk around your office. You can use that work to talk to your employees. This is a very important step to this detoxing. It’s important to have your body move around after drinking a green juice.
11. After drinking your juice write in your journal, your progress, your eating habits, what exercise you did and how you feel. This is another important step to make. It’s important to chart and keep track of everything because it’s a great motivator and can be used each and every time to do a green juice detoxing. It’s important to note your mood as well. Your mood can have an effect on this method so keep positive and try to remain stress free.
12. Write the results as they happen. You will notice you will either go the bathroom more often of it will be easier for you to go. Make sure to note this when it happens in your journal. Note the time of day.
13. Do this for seven days. – Normally after two days it becomes a normal thing and doesn’t seem so difficult any longer. Soon you’ll become excited to drink your juice.
14. After seven days go back to eating normally but still cut back on your carbs for two more days and continue exercising. Don’t be surprised if you notice your energy lower once you stop drinking green juices. This is a normal thing and normally goes away after you go back to your normal routine. Keep away from coffee for 2 days after the seven days. Many times coffee can reverse the detoxing so take a coffee break and drink tea instead.
Congratulations you just completed a seven day detox and now you can relax and move on with your life!


Chapter 5

The benefits of this method again and taking action right now and not later.
Now, let’s be honest does this method of detoxing with green juices seem to be that difficult? Honestly, it’s one of the easiest ways to slim your waist line in seven days and keep it slim. It’s also not a method made for only woman in mind. Anyone including children can enjoy the power of green juice detoxing and learn an ultra healthy way to start off a weight loss plan.
So remember right now that it’s all about taking action and not letting this amazing , easy and more importantly result based method get away from you right now. Instead of complaining about your waist and the dress that doesn’t fit or the fact that you can’t go daily like you should be , take the chance to try something now and do it for seven days and see the results that come from this amazing life changing positive habit forming healthy lifestyle plan.
So many times, people buy a diet book similar to this one and let it gather dust because of a number of excuses. This method is made with busy people in mind so there is reason no reason not to try.

Remember the benefits started above? No? Well, here they are again:
Once you start drinking green juices offer you will learn that you don’t really taste the greens in the juice when they are combined with a nice amount of sweet and healthy fruits. This is because most greens are tasteless. Of course Kale has a very strong taste, after time you won’t notice it. Spinach may have a strong taste when cooked but when it’s added to fruits like oranges , peaches and even apples you won’t even taste the Spinach!

Once you start drinking green juices you will feel a nice steady amount of energy that will last all day long this is because of the B vitamins within the greens, you will notice a bust in your energy that is long lasting. Many times people drink coffee or energy drinks to wake themselves up. The truth is that surge from a coffee or energy drink is very short lived. Instead of it lasting for only an hour or so, you will discover that green juices provide an all day energy level that you can’t normally find in traditional drinks or even pills.

Once you start drinking green juices you will learn a unique way to manage your health, start a diet and completely clean your body of gross toxins. This detoxing method can be used to start a diet because it remove the toxins that might be living in your body currently. You will notice you are no longer constipated and have no problem going to the bathroom each and every night during the time you are doing the seven day green juice diet.

Once you start drinking green juices you will be able to know just when your body needs to be detox and how to do it with out headaches or issues. It can become a natural monthly thing for you to do keep your body healthy and your weight under control.

So now it’s time to take action and get your green juice detox starting. You will be glad you did it.

Juicing — Where to Start

Juicing — Where to Start

Many have asked about juicing and how to start. Before beginning to juice you will need to stop for a moment and think about your current state of health. If you are a diabetic, you will want to ensure that the juices made won’t create a rise in the blood sugars as juice is often made from fruits which are high in sugar.

Juicing is often selected as a way of losing weight for a short period of time. It’s important to note that juicing shouldn’t be the only form of weight loss used. You should only juice for a short period of time, and then concentrate on proper exercise and a healthy diet.

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Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

To begin with, you will need to do some shopping for ingredients. Always select the freshest possible fruits and vegetables in order to ensure that the vitamin content is intact. There are many great recipes available online that can get you started on some great combinations.

Set The Goal

For most people, juicing is only done for a specified short amount of time such as a 3 day juice fast or 3 day cleanse. Knowing that this is only a temporary diet will help you to stick with it, and not give up easily. Never set out on a juice diet without a goal.

Green Juices

It’s a well known fact that green juices may help to reverse many blood and health conditions. If this is the reason for juicing, you’ll need to plan accordingly as greens only last a few days at most even when refrigerated.


There are many juicers available on the market today. It’s important to consider how often the juicer will be used, the general purpose (will mainly greens be used or will there be some root vegetables?) and the price. Juicers can be found from very inexpensive to extremely expensive. Invest in something in the mid line price range if it’s not going to be something used full time.

What to Avoid

Whether juicing is for fasting, 3 day cleanse or getting rid of excess body weight, it’s important to remember that there are many drinks that should be avoided during the juicing phase of the diet. Avoid caffeinated beverages, all sodas and alcohol during this phase.

What Else to Do

Drink plenty of water while juicing. Water will help to flush toxins from the body and keep the body hydrated.

Get Plenty of Rest

Cleansing the body of toxins also requires plenty of rest. When you start juicing, you should also ensure that you are getting the proper amount of sleep. This allows the body time to recover from all of the effects of the toxins.


Side Effects

There are also a few side effects of juicing that you should be aware of. As the body rids itself of toxins there may be more breakouts and the skin may have a bit of acne. This is normal as the toxins are leaving the body. You should also plan on more bathroom trips.

These tips on how to start juicing should help anyone who wishes to go on a juice fast.

Finding The Best Recipes for Juice

Finding The Best Recipes for Juice

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to improve your general health, you can’t go wrong with juicing. By making your own delicious and nutritious juices right in your own kitchen, you can give yourself the energy and nutrients you need to face the day.

You do not need an expensive setup or elaborate equipment to start juicing. All you really need are some fruits and vegetables and a blender. Once you get started with these amazing juicing recipes for health, you will wonder how you ever lived without juice!

One of the best recipes to start out with when you are first exploring juicing is a simple mix of carrots and apples. Half of a large apple and four or five carrots should be enough for an adult. This juice serves as a great base for other recipes, or it is delicious in its own right. Carrots provide you with plenty of vitamin A.

Once you have gotten the basics of juicing down, you can start adding more ingredients to your juices. For example, toss a beet in with your carrots and apple. The beet adds a beautiful, deep red color to your juice, along with many important nutrients.

If you are trying to get your kids to eat more fruits and veggies, juicing is one of the best ways to go. With a variety of delicious juicing recipes, you can make sure that your kids get all of the fruits and vegetables that they need to grow up big and strong. They can even help you make the juice!

Many kids would turn their noses up at spinach or broccoli, but when you turn these veggies into a vibrant, bright green juice, you may be amazed at how quickly it disappears! Mixing together spinach, celery, pineapple, and an orange makes a great-tasting juice that is packed with nutritional power.

On some days, it can be hard to get moving in the morning, but you can’t afford to skip breakfast. If you do not have time to cook a hot meal for yourself before heading out the door, just make yourself a tasty, nutritious juice. A good juicing recipe for the start of your day involves carrots, cucumber, and ginger. The ginger adds a zing to the juice that will really get you moving in the morning.

Many vegetables are rich in antioxidants, which can protect your body from many harmful chemicals. If you are spending the day outdoors in the sun, have a glass of juice before you go. The antioxidants will help prevent the sun from damaging your skin. Just blend together four carrots and a sweet potato, and add some parsley. The vitamin A in the carrots and sweet potato help keep your skin healthy.

There are many more great, healthy juicing recipes out there. Play around with different combinations of fruits and vegetables to see which you like best. Before long, juicing will be a part of your daily routine!

Juice Fasting for Beginners

Juice Fasting for Beginners

Juice fasting has grown in popularity in recent years. The health benefits are tremendous: simple way to consume a high amount of nutrition without a high amount of calories, provides a boost to energy and to the immune system and strengthens bones and skin. Many fast to jump start a new diet and healthier lifestyle. Here are a few steps to get you started juice fasting.


Choose a Juicer

Depending on how frequently you intend to use the machine while juice fasting, price might make a considerable difference. Juicers can range in price from $50 to hundreds of dollars. High end juicers have the highest revolutions per minute at around 3,000-7,000 rpms. They also tend to have longer warranty plans and the ability to extract the maximum amount of juice. For those that are juice fasting, a juicer for personal use should have a rpm of at least 80.Warranty plans for personal use juicers vary considerably. Ensure that the warranty is for at least 5 years and includes the parts and motor. Choose a juicer that has stainless steal parts and the lowest number of moving parts necessary. The more parts, the greater the cleaning job. Ensure that your juicer is able to handle a wide range of fruits and vegetables. The more fibrous the ingredient the more difficult the extraction. Some juicers are unable to process nuts, seeds are roots so you might have to manually remove them.

Gathering Groceries

When planning a juice fast consider how long you intend your fast to last. Ensure that you have enough groceries to make fresh batch every day (juice is typically no good after the first day). Think about how sweet or “earthy” you want your drink to taste. Vegetables, particularly leafy vegetables, provide a great deal of nutrition with a low number of calories. The taste, however, tends to be a little harsh for some. Fruits add sweetness, but do increase the calorie count. Being that a juice fast doesn’t allow for any other source of nutrition. Considering fortifying your drinks with added protein and other micronutrients. You can added protein you can add almond milk or peanut butter. Ground flaxseed not only provides protein to your juice fast, but omega-3 as well. You can also consider taking a multi-vitamin and b-12 supplement. There are a large number of recipes available online or you can discover combinations on your own through trial and error. A simple formula to get you started is to use a handful of green, leafy vegetables as your base then add one or two pieces of fruit and then any additional supplements.
Juice fasting provides a great deal of benefits and with these tips in mind, should be simple to start. All you need is a juicer, groceries and few easy to follow recipes.

Important Facts You Need To Know About Juicing

Important Facts You Need To Know About Juicing

Juice is a natural fluid that can be obtained from fruits and plant tissues. It can also be made using different types of chemicals.

Importance of Juice Dieting
This dieting plays a significant role in the body. It helps in improving the body’s immune system, increasing the amount of blood in the body, and finally supports detoxification in the human body. Juice is extracted from different types of fruits such as mango, orange, pineapple, carrots, avocado, and even vegetables.

Juice dieting from fruits is very easy. It might seem like a hard task at first, but once you learn, you will see how satisfying it is. It’s basically using a natural way or a machine to extract juice from fruits and vegetables.
There are various ways of juice dieting such;
Vegetable Juice Dieting
Vegetable juice is ideal for a person who wants to lose weight. The diet adds important nutrients to the body without the consumption of fat. Vegetable juice also acts as an appetite suppressant which is used to give sick people in hospitals. It also stabilizes blood sugar level and allows the body to function in a normal condition.

Take fresh watermelon juice diet for one week. If you want to lose weight very quickly, then the watermelon juice diet is right for you. The diet is very simple. Buy watermelons and cut them into small pieces. Put the watermelon pieces in your juicer or blender and make watermelon juice. For added nutritional importance you can also eat the seeds. You will get hungry during this dieting procedure, but you will also lose weight quickly. The diet is a temporary mode of losing weight. After finishing the diet, you could start to add healthy foods back into your meals.

Steps to follow
Buy enough fruits and vegetables for your juice diet. Decide what recipe you want to make. Natural dieting is more preferable because you want to make sure that the juice is pure as possible.
Prepare your fruit and veggies for juicing depending on the preferable diet. You must have to prepare cored for most juice diets. Juice Diets extracted from mango, oranges, bananas, and avocado will have to be pealed before use. Any product that is not pealed must be washed properly.

Electric Juice Dieting
This is a method of extracting juice from fruits or vegetables for juice dieting. First step is to wash the fruits thoroughly, remove skin from citrus fruit, stem. Pits and hard skin may damage the juicer, cut the fruits small enough to fit through the machine. Turn on the juicing machine and let it run for at least ten minutes.

Easy Ways To Do Juice Dieting For People With Busy Lifestyles

Easy Ways To Do Juice Dieting For People With Busy Lifestyles

To stay healthy, health experts usually recommend a diet that consists eating nine servings of vegetables and fruits everyday so that you can be healthy. People with busy lifestyles however, find it difficult to consume raw carrot sticks or eat fresh apple into their daily schedules. Therefore, juice dieting offers a substitute that provides health benefits and is easy to consume.

Integrating juice dieting into someone’s busy lifestyle has become easy thanks to the many options available today. For instance, juicing at home gives one the complete control amid the variety of options. If your work place is not near your home, you can easily find a way to transport the home-made juice to your office and have it stored in the fridge. You may also consider freezing the juice at home during the night if your office does not have a refrigerator and take it in a cooler as you leave for work in the morning.

As there is a variety of options you can also buy fresh juice at the juice bars instead of juicing at home. These juice bars will always vary from one city to another, but you also have the option to choose the one that is close to your home using apps. The juice bars will offer juices that are made from fresh ingredients such as kale, mint and ginger. You also have the option of buying pre-made versions from the grocery stores, but most of the bars and restaurants also offer these fresh juices.


People with busy lifestyles can purchase juice from the grocery stores which are very convenient. It is also possible to do your own research on juice dieting so that you can find healthier options as long as you carefully read the labels. BluePrint, V8, Bolthouse and Odwalla and other different brands also offer variety of juice blends with vegetables and fruits. One should also be careful of the calories and the sugar content found in bottled juices.

Juice dieting is one of the best and healthiest ways for people with busy lifestyles. Making juice at home is easy and fun as you get to learn different things.

How Can Juice Diet Help You Detoxify?

How Can Juice Diet Help You Detoxify?

Fresh vegetable juices on wooden table, on green backgroundJuice diet would mean wiping away years and years of bad diet and negative meals. Aside from the fact that it is healthy, it also helps your body and your system detoxifies and washes away all the negative toxins that have inhabited you for so long.
Juice diet plus the detox process helps a lot in the realization of your goal of going healthy, plus losing a couple of weight. It is fitting so many amounts of fruits and vegetables in a single glass of juice. And that idea of not eating pounds and pounds of green is freeing, right?
How Juice Diets Went Mainstream
Juice diet used to be a diet for the starts, for the celebrities alone. They promoted much the diet as it helped them absorb more nutrients much easier than eating. The juice would also mean little digestive work for your stomach. Some famous people who had the juice diet are Gwyneth Paltrow, Salma Hayek, Nicole Richie to mention a few.
A juice diet as a detox can be a jumpstart for a healthier you. It can help cleanse your body and prepare you for a much healthier lifestyle later. The idea alone is very motivating too. Some benefits of the Juice Diet include many things below.

Benefits of Juice Diet
1. Boosts your immune system. As you consume so many foods that are processed in the past years, your body becomes laden with preservatives and many other harmful products. These problems lead to our immune system going weak and being bombarded daily by more challenges. Acid wastes and other things are very much present inside our system. Though the juice diet there can be a good effect of balancing pH levels in the body as well as balanced sugar level. Your immune system too will be strengthened as well.
2. Blood and tissue cleansing. As you go through the diet, your body will get used to the idea and will slowly get rid of all the toxins even those that are embedded in your blood and tissues.
3. Loss of cravings for sugar. But it isn’t only sugar alone, you may find it that you have lesser cravings for other vices such as smoking and alcohol as well too.
4. Increase your energy. As you are being cleansed out, you may feel that you get your energy back to its optimum level just like a couple of years ago. And that would be too rewarding for a juice diet too.
5. Mental clarity. Mental clarity can be induced by a good juice diet too.
6. Rebuilding of cells. Once you started to get cleansed, you may feel that your body is rebuilding physically and with strength. It doesn’t start big though, its starts from your littlest components in your body. Cell rebuilding is a major thing in juice diets.
7. Lose weight. You lose weight as you lose all the fat. The juice diet helps you regulate weight and help you maintain it later. It also stops you from craving too much as well.
Juice Diet and Detoxifying
Juice diet has the detoxifying process as a result and a goal. Many results to the diet because it helps them get cleansed and improve their systematic function. It helps the major cleanser in our body such as the colon, the liver and the blood.
A juice diet is considered by many as a prevention of further illness and conditions that may come later after the body gets so abused by the food you eat and the environment you live in plus your lifestyle. You can also feel the detoxifying power of juice after you realize that your allergies and pains seem to diminish and altogether vanish for later.

Juice Diet for a Better Lifestyle
As you have heard, many famous people had turned to juice diets for a much healthier lifestyle. It keeps them healthy and helps them stay true to their other goals in life without being hindered by any physical or medical conditions.
It has been promoted worldwide by celebrities too because it helps them in getting into a radiant and glowing complexion. It’s an offshoot of the detox benefit too.
So there are so many other alternatives out there like another diet plan or another routine or another movement. There can also be medical procedures to complete your goal of detoxification. But surely, this can be a much easier and much healthier option you can ever have. So have you made a decision yet?
Author: Roselen is a lover of fruits and organic foods; she is also a blogger and an editorial contributor for a local vanity magazine and currently busy with her research about Australian cosmetic procedures and fashion trends for this year.

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