Why do a 5 day Juice Fast?

If you want to cleanse your body, lose eight, or get detoxed, 5 day juice plan is a great way to achieve it. In addition to these benefits, the juice fast also offers additional benefits like lots of energy, peaceful and relaxed state of mind, increase in concentration and focusing on any tasks, and overall improved productivity. You will also feel more emotionally balanced and mentally clearer.

Juice fast, in addition to supplying your body the best nutrition, rests the stomach, reduces your appetite, and eliminates the toxic junk from your stomach and liver. Weight loss, Improved energy, and reduction in overall physical problems are added advantages of 5 day juice diet plan.

Discussion with your doctor is a must before you start juice fast. Juice diet is not advisable for pregnant women or diabetic people. People with gastrointestinal problems also need medical advice before starting any kind of fast. During the juice fast, you might feel hunger for first one or two days. If you can overcome that, then you can successfully complete your five day plan.

Juice fast is not a magic bullet to take care of your all mental and physical problems. If you are cautious and committed you the fast, it could help you to overcome many of the existing health issues.

Juice fast procedure

Couple of days before you start the juice diet plan, eliminate food like sugar, white flour and red meat from your diet. Avoiding Coffee and alcohol prior to the juice diet is also a good idea.

For five days, you need to limit your diet to only fresh juices and water. Although not recommended, some people also include fresh vegetables and liquids like vegetable soups in their diet plans. There are many off the shelf juice cleanse products in the market. You should use only fresh & unpasteurized juice, or special juice cleanse products, generally rich with 1000-2000 calories and proteins, available in the stores for this purpose.


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