Green Juice Recipes

Green juice recipes consist of several fresh green vegetables. Taking green juices every day can make some great changes to your life since the juice offers many health benefits such as increased energy, anti-inflammation, and a natural boost in immunity. However, this juice is better to drink while on a juicing diet because the leafy green vegetables are helpful for weight management since they are low in calories and also contains essential nutrients like folic acid, dietary fiber, vitamin c, magnesium and potassium along with phytochemicals like zeaxanthin, beta-carotene and lutein that help in protecting cells from free radical damage.

In addition, this juice is a great alternative that yields to a high nutrient and promoting health in your body without having all the calories. Therefore, if you are interested in incorporating juices in your diet, then prepare green juice recipes since they have health benefits in your body and are very easy to make. Many people do not know how they can prepare green juices, but if you are such kind of person, then this article will exclusively explore on some several green juice recipes that you can follow when preparing green juice recipes.

Advantages of green juices

There are several advantages that you may experience if you drink green juices every day. However, you must make sure that you have green juice recipes every day so as to have all the required nutrients in your body. Some of these advantages include the following:

  1. Your digestive system is given time to rest since there is less energy required to act on the juice
  2. Red blood cells are built and replenished because the chlorophyll in leafy green vegetables can be converted easily to hemoglobin which increases the quantity and quality of your red blood cells
  3. It prevents cancer in your body since green vegetables are loaded with antioxidants that prevents damage of the cell
  4. Your immunity will be stronger if you drink green juices every day because your body will be supplied large amounts of important minerals, nutrients and vitamins that boosts the immune system
  5. Taking green juices can make you lose that extra weight very easily and naturally

Green juice recipes

However, if you would like to get started enjoying the advantages of green juice, then make sure you use the following green juice recipes.

The akalyzer recipe

This juice is very easy to make and it is a great juicing recipe that you should start with since it tastes great.

Ingredients needed

Four stalks of celery

Four carrots

Two apples

A small number handfuls of spinach


Make sure you wash everything before chopping the apples. Juice everything together after you have chopped the ends of the carrots. Pour into a glass after you have mixed up thoroughly and enjoy your drink.

The green machine recipe

Notably, this juice is most leafy vegetables and it works best with juicers that are single and twin gear.

Ingredients needed

Two handfuls of kale

Two handfuls of spinach

Four handfuls of romaine lettuce

Two handfuls of watercress

Two apples


After you have washed everything, chop the apples into quarters. Juice the kale, spinach, romaine lettuce and watercress first and finish with your two apples. After mixing, you can pour it into a glass and drink. You can add another apple if you would like it to be sweeter.

Soothing Morning Juice recipe

This juice is perfect if you are beginning to juice and you do not like bitter greens. Also, this juice is perfect for children.

Ingredients needed

One large peeled lemon

Two cucumbers

Two granny smith apples

Two teaspoons of raw honey or half nub of fresh ginger


Through a juicer, run fruit and vegetables. Add raw honey and stir well. Raw honey can be difficult to dissolve due to its thickness, but you can make it a little warm so that it can dissolve easily. If you are using ginger, make sure you run it through the juicer in between the vegetables.

Lean green smoothie recipe

This juice tastes great and it is good for you since it is loaded with fresh vegetables.

Ingredients needed

One peeled and chopped cucumber

Half of a pineapple that is peeled, cored and chopped

One ripe pear that is peeled, cored and chopped

One cup baby spinach leaves

Juice from one lime

Ten chopped mint leaves

One teaspoon of chia seeds

One teaspoon of agave nectar

Crushed ice


In a blender, purée ingredients until they become smooth. Pouring into a glass, garnish with a cucumber spear and enjoy your drink.

Therefore, if you follow the green juice recipes discussed above, then you will have a healthy life that is free from diseases. However, make sure you have different green juice recipes in every day in order to meet the required nutrients in your body.

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