Juicing to Lose Weight

Many celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Salma Hayek, and Gwyneth Paltrow have reported opted for juicing to lose weight. This has tempted many people to join them. After all, drinking green juices three times a day has helped thousands of people who want to lose weight. However, juicing to lose weight can leave you nutritionally deficient and hungry. You should use juice wisely and make it a useful weight-loss ally.

Benefits of Juicing

Selecting the right juices for weight loss is not easy. Drinking jugs of fruit punch or orange juice that you pick out at a local grocery store will not help you lose weight. Juicing to lose weight will require the use of home mixture to press several pounds of fresh vegetables and fruits to create a mix that is rich in minerals, vitamins, and phytonutrients. If you don’t have time to make fresh juice at home, you could get the premium priced cold-press juices. These juices don’t contain saturated fats, preservatives, sodium, and added sugar. Juices made using green vegetables like celery, cucumber, and kale are even more beneficial as they are low in calories.

Avoid Extremes

Even though homemade juices offer several benefits, consuming these juices exclusively to lose weight can have negative consequences. Juices lack some essential nutrients like healthy fats and proteins. Protein is essential to maintain muscle mass, while both fat and protein help in giving a sense of fullness after meals. Also, the pulp that is left over in the trash compartment of the juicer is the fiber required by body to prevent constipation and bloating. Some juice-only diets have low calorie content which can affect your metabolism and can lead to fatigue, dizziness, irritation, and headaches. Sticking to juice only diet for a few days, will result in loss of muscle and water, and not fat.

Juicing in Moderation

Juicing to lose weight does not require you to follow juice-only diet. Many health experts are of the view that replacing a snack or meal with a glass of healthful green juice can help you lose weight. At other meals, you should keep a check on the portion size and eat whole foods like whole grains, lean proteins, and fresh fruits and vegetables. When you eat whole food, you get a feeling of fullness and don’t feel as if you have starved to lose weight.

Controlling Calorie Intake

If you opt for juicing to lose weight, you must understand that calories from fruit juices can actually increase your weight. Also, sugars in fruits can also increase your insulin level, which can lead to energy swings and prevent weight loss. If you choose a plan that is low in calories, you won’t have enough energy to do exercises and daily chores that is essential to burn calories. Opting for a low calorie diet will not help if you don’t have enough energy to do your daily chores, which is essential to burn fat. This can lead to a huge calorie deficit which can slow down weight loss. Furthermore, if you stop your daily exercise routine, it will become difficult to add it back one you return to normal diet. This can result in sudden return of weight you have lost. So stick to program that reduces calorie intake without affecting your exercise routine.

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